A groundbreaking Academy aimed at promoting female lecturers and certifying women in the art of rhetoric.

Founded in the startup Nation of Israel, our venture addresses two familiar problems worldwide which we have studied at length:

A lack of women speakers in conventions, conferences, panels and other media expressions, due to a low awareness of the importance of gender balanced line-ups.

Women’s reluctance to speak up as a result of both innate characteristics and gender tracking from early childhood education and throughout their life.

Led by our top notch professional team, SHE SPEAKS ACADEMY offers an exclusive holistic certification process that combines academic learning alongside intensive training in front of the camera with special reference to gender – oriented rhetorical characteristics.

Our flagship program’s syllabus consists of 7 sessions, 4 hours per meeting, in an intimate class of up to 20 women per cycle supported by a mentoring process. Following, our academy offers a variety of continuous programs, including SHE SPEAKS ENGLISH, SHE SPEAKS TV and more. Our academy also works closely with the business community and the public sector within a framework of custom made courses and workshops in the art of rhetoric.

SHE SPEAKS is a collaboration with SUPERSONAS – a national and global social organization dedicated to paving the way for a balanced gender presence in influential and decision making positions. As such, company profits are designed to promote our gender balance agenda.

Speak up.
Make yourself heard.
Find your voice and when you do
fill the damn silence.

— Meredith Grey