She Speaks was founded by three Israeli women-entrepreneurs: Michelle Stein Teer, Galit Diamant and Hana Rado, in collaboration with SUPERSONAS, a social organization that promotes a gender-balanced agenda.

Our professional team offers an exclusive holistic certification in the art of female rhetoric, based on State of the Art and exclusive academic research and methodology in the fields of political rhetoric and cognitive psychology. Our flagship program includes personal and peer-to-peer mentoring processes alongside intensive training in front of an audience and the camera, with special focus on gender-oriented characteristics that enable to perfect verbal and nonverbal skills.

She Speaks also offers English public speaking programs emphasizing cultural and gender differences in the global workplace, alongside a variety of workshops in related fields such as: Writing Great Speeches, Female Negotiations and Conflict Management, Personal Public Relations, Media Training, Breaking Barriers in the Workplace and more.

She Speaks‘ gender-oriented approach to rhetoric has triggered both the business and the public sectors to acquire our custom made in-house services, constructed according to organizational objectives in local and global companies. The general growing interest in encouraging diversity enables us to encourage women to step up and make their voices heard in boardrooms, during presentations, on stage and in numerous professional conferences.

Sixteen months since our launch, 300 women from all sectors and fields have graduated our flagship Hebrew and English programs. Over 500 women and men have attended our trainings at organizations such as Intel, IBM, Tel Aviv University’s school of Medicine and more. We have also professionally sponsored the Israeli Annual Women in Business Conference and the Israeli leading women’s digital magazine ‘Saloona’ Annual Women in the Front Conference. For further information and exploration of possibilities, please contact us at Mobile: 972-52-2473445.