SHE SPEAKS is a groundbreaking academy that promotes female speakers and certifies women in the art of rhetoric. Founded in 2016 in the Startup Nation of Israel, our venture addresses two international gender challenges that women face worldwide: a low level of awareness of the importance of gender-balanced line-ups, and the reluctance of women to speak up and seize opportunities.

The misrepresentation of women in influential and decision-making platforms is a global issue. Women speakers are absent in conferences, business meetings, television panels and other media avenues. Our studies show two disturbing behaviors: firstly, most conference and panel organizers – mainly men but also women – claim that there are no women speakers available; and secondly – many women who are invited to speak say: ‘No’.

These findings led us to a crucial gender challenge – Fear. Research shows that stage and camera freight lead women ten times more often than men to avoid public speaking. In board meetings with a male majority, women tend to be quiet, subdued and avoid conflict. This gender behavioral pattern is mainly a result of gender tracking from early childhood, upbringing and education throughout our lives.

Some believe that gender is a neural destiny, a part of men and women’s innate characteristics. Yet, research shows that while men and women are dramatically different in their rhetoric styles in the general population, similarities in rhetoric skills are found among the most successful men AND women professionals in the workplace. These rhetoric traits are enhanced significally with She Speaks Academy’s gender-oriented approach.

The impact of feminine rhetoric goes far beyond the act of public speaking. It shapes the education of our society and plays a crucial role in the creation of gender balance in business, academic and public sectors. Our mission at She Speaks is to provide women speakers with the vital tools needed to say ‘Yes’, speak up, and make their voices equally heard, offering their expertise in every field and on every stage.